Our Instructors:


Cara Kavanagh, a Seattle native, trained as a professional dancer for ten years with the Pacific Northwest Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet Companies as well as with Jazz, Character and Flamenco teachers. She has worked as a dancer and actress across the United States and Europe.

After a serious car accident disabled Cara with chronic back pain, she sought out the best classical Pilates instruction in the world. She found Metropolitan Pilates in Seattle and complemented with Equilibrium in Rome. She credits Pilates as the single most effective therapy, out of many tried, in her rehabilitation of mind, body, and spirit to health.

Inspired, Cara wanted to share the Authentic Pilates system with others. Several classical teachers directed her to Dorothee Vande Walle, assistant and gifted teacher-trainer for the aging Romana Kryzanowska. She studied for three years to complete the rigorous Professional Pilates teacher certification. This included a 700 credit hours apprenticeship directly under Ms. Vande Walle, in the Pilates’ teaching legacy.

Owner of the Pilates Muse, Cara is now one of few US certified instructors to offer this quality coaching in Rome. The studio’s goal is to promote an inclusive, healthy, Pilates community. Teachers from the US occasionally guest-teach exposing clients to their different styles. She also organizes Pilates retreats in Europe and the US.

Cara’s own professional formation continues, deepening her knowledge and expertise. Her CE certificates are from world-renowned, Classical Master Teachers such as Peter Fiasca, Kathi Ross Nash, Michael Fitzke, Toon Vogt, and of course Dorothee Vande Walle.

Today she enjoys acting, hiking, sailing, and dancing- thanks to Pilates!



Donal Kavanagh, instructor, is a businessman who knows the value of having a lean, strong, and flexible body.

Donal was turned on to Pilates many years ago when Cara his sister was going through Pilates certification. Donal understood how special Pilates was from the start. Pilates is a highly adaptable fitness system that can serve any age group or population.

Donal enjoys many sports such as tennis, golf, fencing, skiing, and swimming. “I was taken aback how Pilates has improved my game in sports. I no longer have the imbalances that affected my performance. It’s a beautiful thing! Pilates is the first program that has changed my life significantly and the only non-routine fitness system that I love to participate in.”

Donal was at the top of his class, trained, and certified in Body Arts and Sciences International modality of Pilates designed by internationally recognized author and master trainer Rael Isacowitz. Donal is certified to teach all apparatus levels and takes great pleasure in teaching the crown jewel of the Pilates repertoire; Mat classes. Donal’s mentors include two famous top international trainers Brandon Gamble from Las Vegas and Bonnie Sessions from Ventura County.

Finally, Donal’s philosophy to training Pilates is always to be striving to train deep, be learning, and be client and community centered. Their studio in Seattle is called Triune Pilates.