Frequently asked questions:


Does the Pilates Muse provide all equipment for my training session? Yes, we provide all mats and equipment. Cleanliness is our highest priority. We clean all mats and equipment after every session.


What type of Pilates training can I receive at the Pilates Muse? 
We teach Authentic Pilates. Our repertoire of exercises and their sequencing has been developed by Joseph Pilates himself. All our instructors have been US certified. Our imported Gratz equipment follows Mr. Pilates’ specifications and is manufactured by the original factory in NYC. Authentic Pilates is also known as true, original, or classical Pilates.


What kind of results can I expect with Pilates? 
Training results depend on your commitment, diet habits, and frequency of workouts per week. Adopting a healthy diet, working out 3-5 times a week in Authentic Pilates as Joseph Pilates recommended, and staying consistent can achieve rapid gains in muscle tone/definition, weight loss, better posture, more youthful appearance, stress/ back pain relief, more energy and enhanced athletic performance. Note: as you progress, Pilates becomes increasingly aerobic as the timing, number, intensity and flow of exercises get faster.


What’s the difference between Yoga and Pilates?
 Yoga and Pilates share similar emphasis on flexibility, breathing and centering. Yet, Pilates focuses much more on strengthening your body’s core. The core is known as the Pilates Powerhouse. Specifically, it is the abdominal, shoulder, back and buttock muscles. It’s underlying principle is that by strengthening the body’s’ core muscles, everything else gains in strength, stability and health. Developing the Pilates Powerhouse results in correct organ placement, breathing and posture sustained by lean, symmetrical, muscles.

Pilates is also more indicated for correcting muscle and posture imbalances than most types of yoga. Pilates develops alignment, symmetry, and muscle strength using your body’s own weight and resistance training with specially designed spring apparatus.

Like Yoga, Pilates is low-impact conditioning.

Both methods are known as mind/body practices. They connect breathing to movement thus calming the nervous system and bringing precious oxygen to rejuvenate the body’s organ and muscle tissue and support the immune system.


What kind of experience can I expect at the Pilates Muse? 
The studio is a rigorous, clean, and calm environment. Many people choose Pilates because they want to make positive changes in their lifestyle but don’t want to deal with bright, loud, and stressful training environments. Imagine going to a boutique spa rather than a fitness gym.

Our aim is to create a caring, supportive environment facilitating an enhanced focus on precise movement and correct breathing. This concentration enables the release of tension, stress, and toxins from the mind and body.

Authentic Pilates training enhances your quality of life! After a session one can expect to feel fluid and refreshed with an enhanced ability to think clearly, positively and creatively.


What should I wear or bring to my Pilates sessions? 
Wear comfortable clothing such as leggings, yoga pants, adherent shorts and a leotard or exercise top. Be prepared to workout with out shoes. Please refrain from clothes and jewelry that can constrict movement, have sharp edges or large buttons, or which hide your alignment and posture. You may wish to bring a towel and personal water bottle.