What Pilates can do for you:

In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference
in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference
in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body.

                                      J. Pilates

This is the Pilates Promise. You can do it in 12 weeks!

Mr. Pilates required new clients to commit to at least three times per week for the first three months in order to integrate his training into the body. Private Authentic Pilates Training three times or more per week is a fast and proven way to a flexible, sculpted body without bulky muscle mass- it’s the Pilates promise!


  • Sculpt long, lean and muscles
  • Develop essential CORE strength
  • Create a strong and flexible spine
  • Grace and fluidity
  • Stabilize the body’s weaknesses
  • Improve breathing and coordination
  • Control and centering of body’s movement
  • Enhance mind/body connection
  • Optimize physical strength/flexibility
  • Combat aging and muscle deterioration
  • Recover faster from injury and surgery
  • Correct posture reducing painful tension
  • Get taller!

(No, you won’t gain a foot, but thanks to how Pilates stretches your spine, straightens your posture and elongates your muscles, you will be noticeably and measurably taller!)

Authentic Pilates works muscle groups rather than individual muscles. The method’s effective dynamic employs stretching while at the same time strengthening muscles. The system is a body conditioning routine that requires flexibility, strength and control as well as coordination in the legs, abdominals, arms and back.

Your natural movement becomes fluid using isotonic principles of lengthening and resistance. Stability, precision and symmetry guide your posture to its organic best. With time, blocks and bad habits that hinder your natural potential are eliminated through gentle but rigorous and constant coaching.

Pilates also prepares the body for the unexpected. Reflexes are coordinated gracefully and harmoniously; thus effectively defending the body from injury, be it in daily life or competitive sports.