Attending Sessions:

First Lesson registration: Please come 15 minutes early to your first session to fill out our registration/ membership form. You’ll also become a member of our CONI affiliate, Centro Sportivo Italiano for Sport Insurance, as required by Italian law. The annual dues are €7.00 for each sporting season of Sept thru Aug.

Arrive in good time: Get the most out of your session time by arriving early to change clothing. Being punctual respects your trainer’s time and preparation. Session appointments are 55 minutes in length and begin on the hour. Give yourself enough time to leave work and traffic outside in order to focus on your body.

Personal items: We have a coat rack in the corridor for your external clothing. However we cannot be responsible for lost belongings. Please turn off your cell phone and leave it outside the studio.

Special needs and medical conditions: Your comfort and wellbeing is one of our highest concerns. If you have any medical condition, pregnancy, or injury, please inform the instructor. It may be necessary to modify exercises. Be sure to tell us if you have any injury/or pain while training.

Attire: Wear comfortable leggings or adherent shorts and an exercise top or t-shirt. (Clothing should allow instructor to see muscles, joints and posture alignment.) Please do not wear jewelry or clothing that can puncture mats and upholstery. Collect long hair in a side ponytail or braids so that you can lie on your back maintaining the correct neck alignment.

Empty Stomach: For your own comfort, refrain from heavy eating two hours before your session. Since you will be exercising, bring personal water and a towel if needed. We provide mats and all other equipment.

Hygiene: Clients are invited to spray off all apparatus after personal use leaving it fresh and clean for the next client. All equipment should be placed back to the original position for the next athlete. Hygiene is important to us, please remember to remove street shoes and clothing before entering the studio.


Lift, lengthen, strengthen and smile- healthy bodies are fun!