Private sessions give you the most out of your training time. Privates are an excellent format for new clients to learn the basic foundation exercises and technique. With careful personal instruction, clients are introduced to the six principles of Pilates and guided to incorporate them in their workout.

Private sessions are made up of both mat and apparatus work. They train your particular body to naturally move with Pilates form. Privates provide the specific attention required to correct your body’s weakness and/or asymmetries. Private instruction can also address unique modification or rehabilitation needs for past injuries as well.


New students
master the equipment set up during privates and become aware of safety issues involved with each piece of apparatus. Authentic Pilates places a strong emphasis on learning the correct order of exercises as established by Joseph Pilates. Once mastered, the set Classical Pilates order empowers you to be mentally present and in control during workouts. Clients are encouraged to be autonomous and knowledgeable of both equipment and exercises. Competency develops self-confidence encouraging personal progress in Pilates as in life.


Advanced clients
benefit from private sessions too. Precision improves and the client is coached to attain strength and technical mastery over progressively more advanced exercises. New exercises are added when appropriate, carefully building up strength and verifying form before progressing forward, ensuring safe results.



Privates are 55 minutes in length and can be scheduled from 12 pm to 8pm Monday through Friday. To schedule private sessions please call 06 9293 7400 – 338 1096 895 or email  info@pilatesmuse.com