Semiprivate sessions are offered to students already competent in basic Pilates technique. We require  completion of at least one 10-session private card before attempting semi private sessions.

Semi Privates are ideal for intermediate to advanced athletes. Clients should have a good understanding of the names of exercises and be able to set up their own equipment without extensive individual assistance to ensure Pilates flow. Semi Privates require two clients of comparable level who are interested in sharing session time.

Matt work is emphasized and spring exercises are incorporated on the Wall Unit and Cadillac. The Wall Unit targets strengthening and elongating bulky muscles. Participants will work their way up through the entire repertoire of the Wall Unit system during this rigorous, often aerobic workout.

Semi Private Clients will also use varied small apparatus during their sessions. These two-person classes are an affordable alternative to private sessions for more advanced, autonomous Pilates athletes.


are excellent when coordinated with Privates to round out weekly workouts. Typically combining a mix of Private and cost effective Semiprivate sessions each week delivers the most visible and lasting results.

Semi privates are 55 minutes and can be scheduled by calling  06 9293 7400 – 338 1096 895 or email