Our Clients:

“What I especially like about my private sessions with Cara is that they slowly get harder as I gain in strength, I never feel overwhelmed. Then the fantastic peaceful sensation of having a clear mind when I leave the studio and re-enter my day is priceless. “JH

“Pilates doesn’t beat you up like other exercise. It just feels so good when you do it.” DM

“Going to a gym is like menial labor whereas going to Pilates is like being the CEO of a Fortune 500 company. I never thought or focused in the gym like I do in Pilates. Pilates is so intellectual. I like the idea of doing a few exercises perfectly as opposed to doing many mindless reps. I have so much more knowledge and control of my body than I ever thought possible. This focus for me translated to faster results, a safer program, and more fulfilling workouts.” DK

“I am older, not in my prime anymore, my back hurts more then it feels good. I play tennis. At first I thought Pilates was a fluffy girl’s exercise. But then a friend of mine told me to try it out as it gave him a new lease on life. I was skeptical. I went in and met Cara. She got into Pilates because of back pain as well. She really helped me! She taught me about the importance of the core and flexibility of the spine. I can now play tennis longer and with much less pain as I did in the past. My game has improved dramatically as well as my lifestyle.” CC

“I’ve done yoga for many years and am well aware of the benefits of a mind/body practice. I find these same aspects in Pilates, in addition to having dramatically increased my overall strength… and most importantly having a flat stomach for the first time in my life! All thanks to Pilates technique and its focus on core abdominal strength and control.” ED

“The Studio is beautiful and truly a peaceful oasis where I can focus on me. Cara is so sunny and cheerful it is really a treat to work with her. I miss it when I can’t come to work outs.“ VE