Never tried pilates? Would you like to experience private pilates for yourself? Try our special trial offer:

introductory session @ € 50

a one time savings off the regular €70 single session price

…a personal gift of the muse to pilates virgins!

This price includes the 7 registration fee for sport insurance, and is applicable to the introductory special if you decide to purchase a multi-session card.

During the session you will be introduced to pilates fundamentals and experience on your body what the apparatus exercises and method can do for you. You begin with a pre-pilates warm-up and, depending on your level of fitness and health, progress through the whole system in a private authentic pilates session. Your body and posture will thank you!

To schedule an introductory private session, please call 06/9293 7400 – 338/1096 895 or email us at info@pilatesmuse.com.